Exoskeleton Report Digital Magazine Vol 1 Issue 6

Unveiling the Pioneers: Exoskeleton Report Magazine Vol 1 Issue 6 published on October 20th, 2023. Link: https://exoskeletonreport.com/2023/10/unveiling-the-pioneers-exoskeleton-report-magazine-vol-1-issue-6-now-published/

Dive into a realm where technology meets human capabilities with the newly released Issue 6 of the Exoskeleton Report Digital Magazine! This edition unfolds a spectrum of revolutionary advancements, bridging the chasm between possibility and reality in the exoskeleton industry. From innovative launches to refined tuning techniques, each segment is a compendium of pioneering strides in wearable robotics.

Summary of Vol 1 Issue 6: 

  • The Official Launch of UPLIFT: Uncover the UPLIFT, an innovative modular exoskeleton promising transformative changes across various occupational sectors. 
  • Redefining Tuning with a Click of a Button: How simplicity intersects with technology, allowing users to customize powered exoskeletons effortlessly.
  • Spotlight on DCU’s Exoskeleton Usecase: Dublin City University’s remarkable success in implementing gait-assist powered exoskeletons.
  • and more

Issue 6 of ExR is a convergence of discovery and innovation, meticulously curated to ignite curiosity and foster enlightenment in the dynamic landscape of exoskeleton technology.

Downloadable PDF version: link

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