Exoskeleton Report Digital Magazine Vol 1 Issue 5

The 5th issue of the Exoskeleton Report Digital (eMagazine) was published on October 13, 2023. For the first time, it features a one-on-one interview with an exoskeleton user, delving into the positive impact it has had on their work life. The goal extends beyond merely showcasing new technology; ExR aims to explore the tangible effects wearables have on everyday lives.

For nearly a decade, ExR has championed the transformative potential of exoskeletons across various sectors, including work, physical rehabilitation, sports, and defense. Now, we are committed to uncovering and sharing the personal experiences of individuals who have extensively interacted with this exo technology, aiming to provide insights into its practical benefits and limitations: https://exoskeletonreport.com/2023/10/exoskeleton-report-digital-magazine-vol-1-issue-5-october-13-2023/

Issue 5 spans fifteen pages, enriched with over 20 images, and encompasses a diverse array of content, including main stories, headline news, and emerging developments. Dedicate fifteen minutes of your day to immerse yourself in the captivating world of exoskeletons, exosuits, and wearable robotics technology.”

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