Exoskeleton Report Digital Magazine Vol 1 Issue 4

The fourth issue of the Exoskeleton Report Digital (eMagazine) was published on October 6, 2023. It is packed with groundbreaking insights and stories from the world of exoskeletons, exosuits, and wearable robotics! You can access it using the ExR PDF reader or scroll down to the bottom for direct links to the PDF file: https://exoskeletonreport.com/2023/10/exoskeleton-report-weekly-vol-1-issue-4-october-6-2023/

What’s Inside?

  • WearRAcon Europe Countdown: Get the latest scoop on the biggest exoskeleton gathering since the pandemic began. Europe is buzzing, and we’re right at the heart of it!
  • Exclusive Interview: Dive deep with Jonas Grau Thomsen from Nordic Bionics. Discover his personal journey from dreams of space to pioneering the future of medical exoskeletons.
  • Industry Spotlights: From Newndra Innovations’ recognition as a top startup to the latest in wearable technology, we’ve got the stories that matter.
  • On The Horizon: Stay ahead with our curated insights into upcoming events and innovations. From ExoBerlin’s rescheduling to HeroWear’s award contention, be in the know!

Grab your copy now and immerse yourself in the world of exoskeletons. Whether you’re an industry veteran, a curious enthusiast, or somewhere in between, this issue is for you!

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